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Learn About Structural Engineering

Updated: Feb 24


Who is a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer is a professional who specializes in designing, analyzing, and testing structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure. Structural engineers use scientific principles and advanced engineering knowledge to ensure that structures are safe, stable, and durable. ​

Structural engineers work in many different industries and sectors, including construction, transportation, energy, and manufacturing. They may work on new construction projects, renovations or additions to existing structures, or the maintenance and repair of aging infrastructure.

Some common tasks that a structural engineer might perform include: ​

  • Analyzing the strength and stability of a structure

  • Designing new structures or modifications to existing structures

  • Testing building materials and components for strength and durability

  • Creating blueprints and technical drawings for construction projects

  • Developing and implementing safety procedures and protocols

  • Collaborating with architects, contractors, and other professionals to ensure that the structure is designed and built to meet project specifications.

​ Structural engineers play a critical role in ensuring that buildings and other infrastructure are safe and reliable for use. They are also responsible for ensuring that structures are designed in compliance with building codes and regulations, and that they can withstand the forces of nature and other potential hazards.


When to hire a Structural Engineer?

Here are some common scenarios when you may want to consider hiring a structural engineer: ​

  • During the design phase of a new construction project: If you are planning to build a new home, commercial building, or other structure, you may want to hire a structural engineer to ensure that the design is sound and meets building codes and regulations. The structural engineer can work with your architect or builder to create a design that is safe, stable, and durable.

  • Before purchasing or renovating a property: If you are considering purchasing or renovating a property, you may want to hire a structural engineer to perform an inspection and evaluation of the structure. The structural engineer can identify any potential issues or problems, such as foundation or framing issues, and provide recommendations for repairs or modifications.

  • When planning a major renovation or addition: If you are planning a major renovation or addition to an existing structure, you may want to hire a structural engineer to evaluate the existing structure and ensure that any modifications or additions are feasible and safe.

  • When dealing with damage or structural issues: If your property has experienced damage, such as from a natural disaster, fire, or water damage, you may want to hire a structural engineer to evaluate the damage and recommend repairs or modifications. Similarly, if you have noticed structural issues, such as cracks or sagging floors, you may want to hire a structural engineer to identify the cause and provide recommendations for repairs.

​ In general, a structural engineer can be hired at any stage of a construction or renovation project where the structural integrity of a building or infrastructure is a concern. By working with a structural engineer, you can ensure that your project is safe, stable, and designed in compliance with building codes and regulations.



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