Responsibilities of HERS Rater & Provider

The HERS Provider shall maintain a data registry with the capability to receive and store electronic data and image information provided by authorized users of the data registry sufficient to facilitate administration of all applicable document registration procedures and HERS compliance verification procedures as described in Reference Residential Appendix RA2 and Reference Joint Appendix JA7.

Data registry capabilities include a secure web-based interface accessible by authorized users, and the ability to receive and process data transfer files generated by the Title 24 performance compliance software tools or other approved data input software. For sampling purposes, the HERS Provider shall maintain a list of the dwelling units in a group, the features that require Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing, the dwelling units selected for sample testing for each feature and the dwelling units that were not tested, the results of the sample testing, the dwelling units that were tested and verified as a result of re-sampling, and any corrective action taken.

For all dwelling units that require HERS verification for compliance, the HERS Provider shall retain records of all information and approval signatures for completed Certificates of Compliance, Certificates of Installation, and Certificates of Verification for a period of ten years as specified by Title 20, Division 2, Chapter 4, Article 8, Section 1673(e).

The HERS Rater who provides field verification and diagnostic testing shall transmit the required test results and certification signatures to the HERS Provider data registry. Registered Certificates of Verification from the Provider shall be made available for the tested dwelling unit and each of the remaining untested dwelling units from a designated group for which compliance is verified based on the results of a sample test. The registered Certificates of Verification shall be made available to the HERS Rater, the builder, the enforcement agency, and to other authorized users of the HERS Provider data registry.

The HERS Rater shall produce a separate Certificate of Verification for each dwelling unit that meets the requirements for compliance. The registered Certificate of Verification shall have unique HERS Provider-designated identifiers for registration number and sample group number, and shall include lot location or address, building permit number, time and date stamp, Provider logo, water mark or official seal, and indicate if the dwelling unit has been tested or if it was an untested dwelling unit approved as part of sample group.

The HERS Rater shall not submit a Certificate of Verification for a dwelling unit that does not have a completed Certificate of Installation submitted by the installer as required in Section RA2.5.

If field verification and diagnostic testing on a sampled dwelling unit identifies a failure to meet the requirements for compliance credit, the HERS Rater shall report to the HERS Provider, the builder, and the enforcement agency that re-sampling will be required.

If re-sampling identifies another failure, the HERS Rater shall report to the HERS Provider, the builder, and the enforcement agency that field verification and diagnostic testing will be required for all the untested dwelling units in the group. The report shall specify the identifying location of all dwelling units that shall be fully tested.

(a) The HERS Provider shall also report to the builder once diagnostic testing and field verification has shown that the failures have been corrected in all of the dwelling units except those for which the building owner has declined field verification, diagnostic testing, and corrective action. When field verification and diagnostic testing confirm that the requirements for compliance have been met, the HERS Provider shall make available the applicable registered Certificate(s) of Verification for each dwelling unit in the group.

The HERS Provider shall file a report with the enforcement agency if there has been a failure on a re-sample within a group, explaining all actions taken (including field verification, testing, corrective actions, offers to building owners for testing and corrective action, and building owner declines of such offers) to bring into compliance dwelling units for which full testing has been required.

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