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What is a Title 24 Compliance Report (CF1R)?

Updated: Jan 11

Brief summary on Title 24 Compliance Report (CF1R) and costs associated with this service. Here at MPDLA, it is our goal to provide current and up-to-date information for consumers to assist them into making informed decisions when hiring an Energy Analyst for your Title 24 Compliance Report.

The Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code) apply to newly constructed buildings, additions, and alterations. They are a vital pillar of California’s climate action plan. The 2022 Energy Code will produce benefits to support the state’s public health, climate, and clean energy goals.

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The California Energy Commission (CEC) updates the Energy Code every three years. On August 11, 2021, the CEC adopted the 2022 Energy Code. In December, it was approved by the California Building Standards Commission for inclusion into the California Building Standards Code. The 2022 Energy Code encourages efficient electric heat pumps, establishes electric-ready requirements for new homes, expands solar photovoltaic and battery storage standards, strengthens ventilation standards, and more. Buildings whose permit applications are applied for on or after January 1, 2023, must comply with the 2022 Energy Code.

Supporting Documents - Appendices, Compliance Manuals, & Forms

Reference Appendices 2022 Energy Code: Reference Appendices are adopted along with the Energy Code and contain data and other information that helps builders comply with the standards. The Reference Appendices includes sections on weather data, performance of assemblies with insulation, and residential and nonresidential tests and procedures.

Compliance Manuals

These documents, a part of the energy conservation manual, are designed to help the building industry comply with and regulators enforce the 2022 Energy Code for residential, nonresidential, and multifamily buildings. They are written as a reference and an instructional guide and can be helpful for anyone that is directly or indirectly involved in design and construction.

Compliance Documents - Forms


Why Is This Topic So Important?

When it comes to construction, sometimes contractors overlook the Title 24 standard requirements and opt in for lower efficient applications which will cause issues with the city and permit process. Also, it may cause financial burdens for the homeowner to changeout the equipment they bought for a more efficient one that is listed in the Title 24 Compliance Report (CF1R).

How to Prevent Unnecessary Costs Associated With Your Project?

Whether you are a builder, contractor, or owner-builder, read the entire Title 24 Compliance Report. This will be a guide for you to choose the right equipment for your project and it will ensure a smooth inspection from a HERS Rater which will most likely result in a passing score.

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